DIY Full Size Wooden Loft Bed

Full size wooden loft bed – Loft beds are the ideal bedding solution if you are pressed for space in your bedroom. A type of high bed is a loft built high enough to house desks, sofas, bookshelves, extra beds and other furniture, so you can save significant space without sacrificing comfort and balance. Cut the four two by-8- inch -96- of the boards in the two side rails, measuring 80 inches long and two end rails measuring 56 inches long, by means of a circular saw.

Divide eight two 2-by–2- of -96-inch lumber boards in two slat support cleats that measures 77 inches long. 2- -4- of the – 120-inch lumber boards 10 in the slats, which measures 56 inches wide, four ladder steps, which measures 59 inches wide and a center of the supporting beam, measuring 77 inches long.  Determine the desired height of full size wooden loft bed and cut four 4-by -4- of -96- inch planks in the legs up to that amount, minus 5 1/2 inches. Cut two 2 – of -8-foot sheet of 3/4-inch plywood into two pieces measuring 38 1/2 by 56 inches.

The Full Size Wooden Loft Bed

Create a butt joint by positioning the rails at right angles to the side rails, flush with their ends, to form a flat rectangle. Secure each session with five 3-inch countersunk screws.  Apply strong wood glue the inner surface of each slat supporting the cleat and clamping them into the interior of the frame, at least 2 inches from the bottom. Once the glue sets, secure it with a 3-inch screw placed every 6 inches.  Unscrew the center support beam in place in the middle of the full size wooden loft bed using 4-inch screws.

Picture Gallery of the DIY Full Size Wooden Loft Bed

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