Installation Instructions for Iron Toddler Bed

Iron toddler bed – The heavy old iron beds were generally made in two-and full sizes. The headboards and footboards are available in simple lines or assemblages of ornate sculptured iron vines, curlicues and messages. But it will not come with assembly instructions. Fortunately, the assembly of most of the old iron beds is less complicated than that of the metal bed frames can be purchased quickly.

Look through the iron toddler bed pieces. You must have a headboard, foot board, two side panels and an insert frame with metal coils and flat bed springs. Adjust the head piece against a wall. Ask someone to help you if the bed is very heavy. Take the side rails on the headboard. The rail must be positioned with the neighborhood of the set of L-shape on the outer side and bottom piece. Note that there is a metal button at the end of the rail.

Iron Toddler Bed Style

Slide the metal button on the railing into the slot. Set the play footboard against the free ends of the rails. Have a second person the foot plate in place while you lift the rail and turn the knob in the slot on the footboard. Lift the interior spring frame of the bed with the help of a second person. Lift it over the railing and drop it on its side in the L-shaped areas firmly in place. Above the foundation iron toddler bed with a mattress.

Picture Gallery of the Installation Instructions for Iron Toddler Bed

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