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March 30, 2018 Loft Bed for Kids

Loft Beds for Kids with Slide Indications

Loft Beds For Kids With Slide – First, place a support beam slide on its side. Wooden dowels inserted into the four holes in the corners of the beam. Pins inserted into two of the three holes in the top group. Pushes two nuts side mounting holes in the bottom of the strut. Insert them into the beam. Then, place the other beam slide through the pins of the props. Screwed through the side holes in the two support beams. Turn around the part and repeat on the other side.



Two pins placed on the end of a side beam of the slide, which is angled. Pushing a nut on the bottom side of the beam assembly. Insert into holes in the front lateral beam and bolted through the back of the support beam. Put the bottom of the slide at the bottom of the lateral beam slide. Place the other side of the slide on top. Place the slide up and screw the bottom piece in place. Replace the slide of loft beds for kids with slide on its side.

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The sliding panel mounted on the slide so that the top faces upper and lower slide notches in the lower beam. Place the slide of loft beds for kids with slide and the ladder together each other at an angle of 30 degrees. Screwing the two pieces together by angle brackets surface. Place triangular pitch on top of the platforms. Slide the slide up from the bed. Use circular to the top of the slide rail on the outer beam accent. Screwed into place.

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