Make a Wooden Truck Toddler Bed

Truck toddler bed – Give your friend a few good big sleeper rig. Fit this flat, wooden semi-truck cutouts made of Ammonite, easily on every bed frame at bedtime for your child turn into a night on the open road. The templates of this truck can also be used for garden decorations, by adding support braces and a base.

To make a truck toddler bed, Measure the length of the bed of the child. Adjust the measurement so that the length of the truck cabin cutout of the nose to the rear equal to one third of the length of your child’s bed. Lay the shape of the truck cab and on the sheets of Amazonite, using a carpenter’s pencil. You must create two cabins and two truck bodies if you want the truck to be visible on both sides of the bed. If the bed is against a wall, just cut a cabin and a loading platform.

Unique Truck Toddler Bed

Put the shape of the truck toddler bed, after adjusting the length, so that the truck body height will be equal to two-thirds of the length of the bed frame of the child. Use a belt sander to all the truck cab and body pieces cut smooth, with coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine sanding belt, in that order. Paint the wheels black, silver hubcaps. To attach the notches on the bed, drill at least three holes for each 12 cm apart, starting at the head end of the bed of your child in the long sides of the existing bed frame of your child.

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