Toddler Bed Tent

Toddler bed tent Between the ages of two to three years, children are usually ready to move from a crib to a bed. Some start to climb into the crib before, without fear of falling. Once the child leaves the home, the house becomes a place full of adventure but additional hazards. Parents can follow a few simple steps to keep children in the crib before passing them to a bed.

Lower the crib mattress. Place the springs on the lower part. Toddler bed tent This increases the distance between the mattress and the top of the crib rail. Away cradle of other furniture. A drawer or shelf near the crib helps her escape. Children can be pulled down using this furniture and shelves or drawers as steps. Remove all they can use to climb the crib.

Toddler Bed Tent red

Thick pillows, blankets and toys can help children to get to the rail. Toddler bed tent Interrupts the action. Parents see children climbing over the crib should give firm instructions not to repeat that behavior again. If does not happen again, you should praise and give a prize. It is likely to repeat any behavior that has a positive impact in your home and there are toddler.

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