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BabyTime Expo Goes on Maternity Leave

Thank you to all who supported the 2009 BabyTime Expo events in Las Vegas and San Diego.

Over the past 2 years we have produced 6 shows and 6 babies, and there is yet another baby due in the spring.

Many of you have contacted us about our 2010 schedule.  We are reviewing the many suggestions and comments that you so kindly sent, with the aim of making the shows better, and in order to do that, have decided not to produce a show in 2010.

In essence we are pulling in the family unit, working with a few select sponsors and exhibitors to creatively produce a stronger, more helpful series of shows in 2011.  Plans are underway to make BabyTime Expo the best possible resource for all things baby and toddler including vendors, activity centers, education, and entertainment.  We’ll keep in touch as we put it all together.

However- we would like to announce our endorsement of Bebe Paluzza Productions.  Bebe Paluzza Productions has demonstrated that they produce wildly successful maternity, baby and toddler consumer shows in the USA - "Everything from Bellies to Tots".  In 2010, they are hosting shows in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Des Moines and Indianapolis.  We encourage you to reach out to Jenn Kampmeier,, to obtain additional information about their shows. While BabyTime Expo may not be producing shows in 2010, we still believe that with thousands of consumers attending the Bebe Paluzza Productions shows you will continue to be able to direct market to consumers.

If you are interested in joining our advisory committee, please contact Mindi Cherry at or (702) 450-7662 x103

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Video from BabyTime Expo San Diego!

Thank you to all of our exhibitors and sponsors!

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